Restoration on fortifications and trial pits
Perit Robert Musumeci 

Hal-Millieri, Zurrieq
Restoration work on assets
Perit Anthony Bezzina

Catacombs, Kirkop
Restoration and Interpretation Centre 
Perit Anthony Bezzina

planning and regeneration

Planning and Design Brief
Paola Heritage Foundation

Santa Lucija Local Council

Planning and Design Brief
Paola Local Council

Dr Malcolm Borg is a planner by profession and training, and holds a Ph.D. in planning and urbanization from the University of Leeds, UK. In 2001, he was awarded a scholarship in heritage management, with research undertaken at La Sapienza in Rome and the Istituto Technico in Turin, and for the last 10 years, he has lectured on heritage management and economics of heritage at the Institute for Conservation Management and Cultural Heritage (ICMCH).  Dr Borg worked in the planning sector for 15 years, within the Environmental Management Unit of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, and previously held posts of Policy Coordinator and Project Manager with the Ministry for Youth and the Arts, the Ministry for Urban Development and Roads, and the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communication. He was specifically engaged in the launching, development and monitoring of regeneration projects and the development of national policy related to urban development, planning, regeneration and the implementation of EU Directives and Charters. Dr Borg also compiled Development Briefs and Action Plans for the Dock No. 1 Project in Cottonera and the Vertical Connection in Valletta. He was also responsible for the Competition and Planning Brief for the Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Heritage Park (WHS) and the Tentative List for Malta UNESCO Sites.

Dr Borg is a recognized URBACT Thematic Expert and has been involved in the compilation and management of ERDF projects and other EU and International funded programmes. He is also a member of the Malta Chamber of Planners and the Planning Institute Australia. He is currently a planning consultant and a UN Global Cities Advisor currently engaged in various assessments of Maltese Cities and the South-East Region through the Circles of Sustainability Approach.

research and development

Tourism Project
Interpretation Strategy Roman Domus
Wirt Iz-Zejtun 

Citizens in Action
Social Inclusion Partnership scheme
Paola Local Council ESF 3:001

Microclimates & EE
Corradino Royal Naval Prisons

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